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Best Practices for developing CQ components/ tips and tricks

CQ community is growing many folds in recent times and so is the demand to reach to the right content. As an initiative, Adobe is trying to collaborate information from various resources to a common platform. Here are some useful urls where I have contributed: Tips and tricks from the CQ community Developing CQ components […]

Quick way to find information of specific type

It is always not straight forward to search information of specific type from with CQ. For example: determining pages which uses specific templates. A quick and fast way is to perform search in CRX Content Explorer: – Login to Content Explorer – Click on search and select type as XPath – Specify query that match […]

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Passing parameters in cq:include

When I started developing CQ components, I always use to have one jsp with the same name as the component and place all the logic there. And the reason, I not sure how we can pass on the parameters from one jsp file to other jsp file. But necessity is the mother of all search […]

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Promotion Picker

Promotions are integral part of each website, offering teased content from other sections, information about promotions, link to other sites etc. CQ provides the concept of iParsys (inherited paragraph system) which allows to inherit the created paragraphs from the parent to child pages. This provides a way to author the promotional sidebar on section home […]

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Happy New Year 2012 !

Cherishing the happy moments, learning from the difficult ones, and looking forward to a successful 2012, say Good Bye to 2011 ! May 2012 bring fun, happiness, prosperity and success to you and your family! Wish you and your family a very happy year 2012 !


Impressions in CQ 5.4

Impressions in CQ 5.4 In most of the websites today, we always find links to most viewed pages or top 5 most viewed pages. CQ stores every hit on any webpage as an impression which can be seen in siteadmin. There is no out of box component present in CQ5.4 which can be used or […]

Adding Limit to Multifiled

Multifield is an important xtype which provides flexibility as we saw in the previous post around Multifield with custom xtype. It is good to have flexibility but becomes a bigger challenge in bigger editorial team environments where rules need to be defined to lock down flexibility. Adding validation is one way of locking down flexibility, […]

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Multifield with custom xtype

When started working with CQ, one of the cool feature was the list component which allow to add new paths with the plus “+” sign. Based on my experience, it is one of the mandatory requirement to provide such flexibility, then setting a fixed number of text fields. To achieve the same, please refer to […]

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Determine components on a Page

One of the common thing with CQ Pages is how to determine which all CQ components form the page. Most common process is to login to CRX and go through each node to determine the structure. But there is a better way to determine that and that is suffix the url with ?debug=layout in Authoring […]

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Passing attribute to cq:include

It is pretty common to divide components files in chunk of files which carry a common reusable functionality. A perfect example is the foundation list component where number of different jsp files are called and passed different values at run time. In order to pass dynamic parameter to calling jsp, here is what is required: […]

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